Jumping Jax


Daily Routine

I have a large collection of toys which the children have easy access to enabling them to choose what they would like to play with.

adult led activities may include;

painting, colouring, drawing, collage, cutting and sticking, stamping, water and sand play, dressing up and role play, stories, baking, play dough, games in the garden, imaginative play, singing and movement to music.

I always try to follow a child's interest during play and create activities around them and what they want to do.

Adult led activities will revolve around different themes which may include; people who help us, the seasons, all about me, mini beasts, festivals, books, transport etc.

I attend playgroups most mornings which gives the children an opportunity to socialise with other children and experience different toys and environments. I also attend local childminder's groups.

7.30am - children arrive/breakfast
8.15am - school run
9.00am - playgroup /child led activity
10.30am - snack time
10.45am - playgroup / child led activity
11.30am - nursery run
11.45am - lunch time

12.20pm - nursery run
1.00pm - quiet time
1.30pm - activity-singing/story/creative
3.00pm - school run
3.45pm - snack time
4.30pm - child led activity
5.00pm - tv time / collection